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The dawn cracks and yawns, and becomes broken.
With no words spoken, turning the sky, a shade of golden.
So where do I go from here, I ask myself with a question mark.
The answer is clearer with the years, but still remains in the dark.
Spark the addiction, the mind goes blank.
Short attention, affecting, the memory banks.
Data-entry error, distorted mental pictures.
Creating doubt, in everything that I remember.
When we grow, we don’t necessarily get older.
What we know, will not always make us smarter.
December negatives, the breath escapes from my lips.
Frozen fingertips, grip, all the bad habits, that seem to slip.
But the bliss and torture, are interconnected.
And we are bitter and shallow, and often jaded.
Shaded, inside the lines and boundaries.
Faded with time, along with all the memories.
A fallacy, hell is the truth seen too late.
The discovery of the social issues the we create.
Manipulate the masses, with lies you stipulate.
Perpetuate the lower-classes, with the disguise you delegate.

The efforts are made, but the goals are never reached.
A new generation fails, to learn what we teach .

Communication system, propels the population.
Social interaction full of human emotion.
A single observation to determine, the facial expression.
That manifests the deception.
The depression, the passion, desire to conquer.
Entire empires, with tired hands that cease to perspire.
Fire that keeps growing inside of me, inside of her.
Together forever, words whispered by so many lovers.
As the seconds were drowning and the hours were devoured.
The handsome and the beautiful, became the same monster.
A stain on the mirror, sometimes the pain lingers.
We carry our baggage, long after into the future.
Until the next chapter, until the next stop.
We’ll pick up exactly where we left off.
The luggage drops on another floor.
The generation gap, grows more and more.

The efforts are made, but the goals are never reached.
A new generation fails, to learn what we teach.

Generation Gap...
We keep falling back...
Generation Gap...
We keep slipping through the cracks...
Generation Gap...
Caught in this progress trap.
Generation Gap...
Fading to black ...

What's your definition, of success.
A life wasted searching, for happiness.
Saving every single dollar and cent.
Invest in material goods, until it’s all spent.
Bottle up the oxygen, clean air for sale.
Funnel the poison, light it up and inhale.
We fail to break the cycle, there’s no time for change.
Stuck in this box, locked in shackles and chains.
Follow blindly these footsteps, without ever thinking.
We forget, that they will lead us back to the beginning.
Back to the start, going around in circles.
Like the blood pushed by the heart, through the ventricles.
The pain just circulates in the veins, swim in the arteries.
Generation's brainwashed, by the same fallacy.


from Algorythme + Remission - sunset​/​/​sunrise, released October 19, 2013



all rights reserved


l'Algorythme Montreal, Québec

After 8 years L'Algorythme is still here...
Producing a nice collection of sampling-heavy frankenstein- hip-hop mutant-disco beats.
l'Algorythme is like Johnny 5 ( of the movie Short Circuit 2) when he rebuilds himself as a crazy ass punk robot after being attacked by 2 motherfuckers.
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