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I’m waking up early, in the, morning.
Feels like the whole city, is sleeping.
Eyes half closed, trying to hit snooze.
What do you know, I got the Monday blues.
Slowly slide my feet, in these cold slippers.
Bathrobe and PJs, a coffee full of cream and sugar.
Its days like these, you crawl out of bed.
Its days like these, that you wish instead.
That you wouldn't hear the alarm buzzing in your head, and it was the weekend,
And you could close your eyes, and dream all over again.
Wishing you had a couple of seconds, a few more hours.
Before you leave the warm sheets, that you desire.
But now you sleepwalking through out your morning routine.
Eating breakfast, and talking with the coffee machine.
Jump in the shower, no hot water.
Tell yourself over and over
It's only gonna get better !!!!!

You get back from work, you're so damn tired.
You're dying of thirst and starving of hunger.
You got nothing for supper, you got nothing to eat.
Don’t want to leave the house again, you just got off of your feet.
Trying to be creative, with what's left in the cupboards and fridge.
A homemade recipe, can leave you often disappointed.
And full of regrets, with a rumble in your gut.
Yuck, if you think that i'm gonna eat that, you must be nuts.
I rather be left empty, on my appetite.
Then left empty sitting, on the toilet all night.
I knew these ingredients didn't really mix well.
I knew that wasn't the right color, yeah I kind of gave it a smell.
Oh hell, its a stomach full of caffeine, to survive a little longer.
If only I had a bit of money to order, what a bummer.
Take a deep breath, tell myself over and over
It's only gonna get better !!!!!

No negativity,
No negativity,
No negativity,
Keep that shit, away from me. I said...

No negativity,
No negativity,
No negativity,
Keep that shit, away from me.

It’s just part of my philosophy, part of my personality.
Don’t want no attitude from no douche-bag, in the city.
All these negative people, you don’t need.
Giving you dirty looks when you meet, them on the street.
Everyone's complaining and whining about something.
Everybody's got an opinion and a couple of problems.
I know times are hard, but that's what everyone says.
I know money is tight, bills are high, and hip hop's dead.
But even when shit hits the fan.You got to understand.
You got to stay chill, and relax buddy,
Stay cool, keep calm, and count to 3.
Tell yourself over and over
It's only gonna get better !!!!!


from Algorythme + Remission - sunset​/​/​sunrise, released October 19, 2013



all rights reserved


l'Algorythme Montreal, Québec

After 8 years L'Algorythme is still here...
Producing a nice collection of sampling-heavy frankenstein- hip-hop mutant-disco beats.
l'Algorythme is like Johnny 5 ( of the movie Short Circuit 2) when he rebuilds himself as a crazy ass punk robot after being attacked by 2 motherfuckers.
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