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Her name tag, read Samantha.
Full cleavage, bags under her eyes.
Outrageous outfit, wreaks of marijuana
Serves everyone for cheap with no extra on the side.
Don’t be surprise, if you get a pain your gut.
Unsanitary stuff,
With no quality, just in for the bucks.
Good luck, keeping a satisfied customer, who won’t throw-up.
When you don’t even bother, no you don’t even care.
Prepackaged frozen dinner, with no savoir-faire.
Bloated stomach, feeling nauseous.
No pride in the work, no smile, no service.
Its hard to imagine that they’re still in business.
Its ridiculous, that people can actually still bite into this.
Even though its force fed, and shoved down the esophagus.
She lifted up her head, and open her lips.
And said.............................................................

What's special?
Pizza Pizza Daddy-o
Disco Dancing
Pizza Pizza Daddy-O

The girl at the register, finally took my order.
Two slices of cheap pizza, over the counter.
Her hair was greasy, her face was sweaty.
She said to me, that will be 4.50$.
No please, and no thank yous.
Just that same old, fast food attitude.
Next, I get, Rude, behavior,
From the dude, with hands covered in flour.
White powder, all the way up to his nose.
Throwing up, and flashing the dough...
With his gold chains and diamond rings.
But he doesn't know, that i’m the pizza king.
I told them, if the ingredients are fresh,
and you take your time to make it just right.
You don’t need the marketing,
The special deals, and all those neon lights.
They both laughed, and where like...

What's special?
Pizza Pizza Daddy-o
Disco Dancing
Pizza Pizza Daddy-O

One, you got to start with the crust. its a must.
Two, make sure you spread that sauce evenly too.
Three, believe you me, you got to have cheese, please.
Four, well that's left to the discretion of you and yours....


from Algorythme + Remission - sunset​/​/​sunrise, released October 19, 2013



all rights reserved


l'Algorythme Montreal, Québec

After 8 years L'Algorythme is still here...
Producing a nice collection of sampling-heavy frankenstein- hip-hop mutant-disco beats.
l'Algorythme is like Johnny 5 ( of the movie Short Circuit 2) when he rebuilds himself as a crazy ass punk robot after being attacked by 2 motherfuckers.
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