The Story Of ( il était une fois)

from by l'Algorythme

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The story of you, the story of me.
This story is all true, No, is all make believe.
Its the story of... the story of...

Excuse me, can I please have your attention, she mentioned.
She has the impression, she's living in an aquarium.
Stuck in a glass-box, observed by society.
Created the prison, locked the door and swallowed the key.
Now the city looks on, they judge and criticize her every step.
Laugh at her mistakes, tears fall, eyes wept.
Never met, such a beautiful creature.
Who was a kept a prisoner, by the pictures in the mirror.
The reflection she see`s, doesn't correspond correctly.
To what it should be, in reality.
Lines of symmetry, outlines her beauty
But she keeps writing the story of nobody
This story is about them, or maybe its about her.
It was written from the pen, of an anonymous author.
The lines are blurred with every single chapter.
Every single word,every sheet of paper, bleeding into each other.
Until they all lose meaning, and become just another song.
Just another melody, hummed out wrong.
A bunch of old dusty mix-tapes, and books of poetry.
Tell me, where did we go wrong, writing our story.

How many times must you make the same mistakes?
Before you finally get it right, it’s just the story of your life.
Every night you lay awake, between the four walls.
With all of your thoughts, that flash by in your poor skull.
Like the light-bulbs, that flicker.
In the hallways of the minds theater
Capture the scene, on a silver screen.
A thousand voices together, scream.
Louder than any human being, louder than any machine
Begging forever, just to be redeemed.
For the misguided steps, in the wrong direction.
She wept, for a resurrection...
Waiting for a revolution to come, but there was none.
So many problems to solve, she comes undone.
Looking up from the bottom, the surface seems so far.
Hard to Imagine, she’ll ever reach those stars.
Behind prison bars, Held back, by a glass ceiling.
Defining who we are, losing all, meaning.
Her life in chapters, writing her story.
Tells herself that one day she will break away free.
But she’s too busy (writing).

The story of him, the story of her.
This is how it begins and ends in forever after.
Its the story of... the story of...

In the pit of her stomach lies, a thousand butterflies.
That take to the sky, right in front her eyes.
She never realized, she was her own demise.
Tries to not act surprise, when she dies inside.
And when she cries, her tear ducts erupt.
They can't be shut, until her the sun rises up.
And when the moon falls below, in the shadows of tomorrow.
That’s where crawls all of the sorrow, she only knows to follow.
Deep, in the unknown, chases the wildest dream.
Seeps, into the bone, taste it in the blood stream.
A feign, for the life, that she lives, so strange.
Scream, the advice, it gives, no change.


from Algorythme + Remission - sunset​/​/​sunrise, released October 19, 2013



all rights reserved


l'Algorythme Montreal, Québec

After 8 years L'Algorythme is still here...
Producing a nice collection of sampling-heavy frankenstein- hip-hop mutant-disco beats.
l'Algorythme is like Johnny 5 ( of the movie Short Circuit 2) when he rebuilds himself as a crazy ass punk robot after being attacked by 2 motherfuckers.
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